1. Studies on the Pollution Levels in Ariyankuppam Backwater, Puducherry Region
G. Vijayakumar, M.A. Sivasankaran and V. Murugaiyan (Pondicherry Engineering College)  
2. Characterization of efficient Chitinolytic Enzyme Producing Trichoderma species: A tool for better antagonistic approach
A.G. Lunge and A.S. Patil (S.G.B. University, Amravati)  
3. Understanding the Relationships between Society and Environment in Geography with GIS Support
Sailajananda Saikia and Bishmita Medhi (M.C. College, Barpeta and NEHU, Meghalaya)  
4. Calculation of Elecron Mobility in WZ-AlN and ZB-AlN at Low Electric Field
H. Arabshahi, M. Izadifard and A. Karimi (Iran)  
5. Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Effectiveness of Polyaniline-Ta2O5 Composites
S. Patil, A. Lagashetty, A. Koppalkar and S. Kalyane (REC, Bhalki, Karnataka)  
6. A new species of Ecdamua Walker (Chalcidoidea: Torymidae) from South Kashmir, India
M. Jamal Ahmed, Iram Khursheed and M. Nayyar Azim (SKUAST-K, Srinagar & University of Kashmir)  
7. Neural Network Based Approach For Short-Term Load Forecasting
L. Sharma, M. Chakrawarti, A. Dutta and N. Adhikari (TIET, Jabalpur, Cognizant, Pune and IETE, Jabalpur)  
8. Groundwater Quality with Special Reference to Fluorosis of Konghara Dharana region, District Yavatmal Maharashtra, India
Chavhan N.K. (S.G.B. University, Amravati)  
9. Utilization of Fruit Wastes in Producing Single Cell Protein
A.K. Mondal, S. Sengupta, J. Bhowal and D. K. Bhattacharya (BESU, West Bengal, India)  
10. Dietary administration of a feed attractant (Aquasavor) on growth, nutrient utilization and biochemical composition of freshwater prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii)
P. Pavadi, H. S. Murthy, A.T. R. Naik, M. Shivakumar, M.T. Lakshmipathi, N. Manjappa, T.J. Ramesha and R. Shankar (Karnataka)  
11. The Effect of 8 MeV Electrons on 2 N2907A PNP Transistor
Godwin J. D' Souza (St. Joseph's College, Bangalore)  
12. Cyclic graph - Edge product number
J.P. Thavamani and D.S.T. Ramesh (M.E.S. College, Kerala / Margocis College, Tamilnadu)  
13. Energy Distribution Pattern in the Edible and Inedible Body Parts of Etroplus Suratensis (Bloch)
S.M. Shivaprakash, N. Shivashankar, N. Manjappa and A.T. Ramachandra Naik (Karnataka)  
14. Geomorphological Study of Walgaon-Achalpur region, Amravati District, Maharashtra Using Remote Sensing & GIS Techniques
Neha Nandkumar Nagraj (S.G.B. University, Amravati)  
15. Influence of nutrition and different physical parameters on growth and sporulation of Metarhizium anisopliae
Sachin Kotwal, R.L. Parate, S.S. Mane and V.V. Deshmukh (Dr. PDKV, Akola)  
16. Petal Senescence in Cut Tagetes erecta L. Flowers
Role of Phenolics: Renuka Desai, Ruby Patel and Archana Mankad (Gujarat University, Ahmedabad)  
17. Studies on Effect of Claw-Ablation on Growth and Survival of Macrobrachium rosenbergii (De Man)
Shivakumar, M., Naveenkumar, B.T., Shivananda Murthy, Ramachandra Naik, A.T., and C. Vasudevappa  
18. Effect of Metarrhizium anisopliae on Spodeptera litura and compatibility with chemicals
R.L. Parate, S.S. Mane and V.V. Deshmukh (Dr. PDKV, Akola)  
19. Essential Drugs in Bangladesh and Role of Different Stake holders-A Qualitative study
Seikh Farid Uddin Akter, Mohammad Abdur Rashid, Saroj Kumar Mazumder, Md. Abdul Jabbar, Professor Dr. Farhana Sultana, Md. Habibur Rahman and Md. Nasser Shahrear Zahedee (Malaysia / Bangladesh)  
20. Land use Modeling for Sustainable Rural Development
Mr. P. Ramamohana Rao & Prof. P. Suneetha, (Andhra University, Visakhapatnam)  
21. Performance of Financial Assistance Programme of NEDFi: An Analysis
Binod Ch. Swargiary (B.H. College, Assam)  
22. Performance Evaluation of Three Phase Induction Motor Based on no load and Blocked Rotor Test Using Matlab
Sunil Sehra, K.K.Gautam and Vijay Bhuria (MITS, Gwalior / ITM University, Gwalior)  
23. A Spatio-Temporal Analysis of deforestation in EPE and its Environs (Lagos, Nigeria)
Okorie, Fidelis Chinazor (University of Lagos, Nigeria)  
24. Impact of Zn application on yield, quality, Nutrients uptake and soil fertility in a medium deep black soil (Vertisol)
K. S. Keram, B. L. Sharma and S. D. Sawarkar (JNKV, Jabalpur)