For Authors

  • Submission

    Authors should submit their manuscripts in any word processor file format (or pdf file) electronically to the

    E-mails:  and
    Final decision on a paper will be informed to corresponding author within TEN days.

  • Publication Charges

    A nominal amount (Rupees 300/- per page for Indian authors and US Dollar 6 per page for Non Indian Authors) will be charged for accepted papers. The non Indian Authors must bear the money transfer charges. Amount, once Paid is not refunded.

  • Preparation of Manuscript

    The recommended file of the manuscript should be a one column word processor file with A-4 sized paper. There should be a short title followed by Author's complete Address with e-mail.

A concise abstract and keywords are necessary.

The page set up must be of the type: Top/Bottom 1.1 inch and Left/Right 1.2 inch. The title of the paper is in 14 point font (Bold) and all others are in 12 point (Normal) font. The font style is the Times New Roman and 1.5 spacing.

Serial numbers of the REFERENCES must be under square brackets.